Friday, November 29, 2013

Christian Dior Spring 2014

"Dior of the 21st Century," said Tim Blanks. Raf Simons keeps Dior's tradition but gave this spring 2014 collection a modern twist. Great structured elements in this woman's collection but still a feminine flare. The goal wasn't to appeal to one type of women, but many. We keep the Dior flowers but we place them in a way never seen before. Fresh, Modern, Dior. 

Bey Hives

Beyonce Knowles is so beautiful. I watched a portion of "Life is But A Dream" tonight. The film shows the true nature of Beyonce's heart and the separation of her work life. A women so talented and lucky. Beyonce constantly encourages me and inspires me to be an influencer to man. 

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Night Aram

Michael Aram is an American Metalware designer who has lived and worked in India since 1989. He has applied his considerable skill as a painter, sculptor and art historian to the decorative arts. Made using traditional, age-old metalworking techniques, Michael's pieces encompass a variety of media and are inspired by a range of sources. This allows his work to function artistically or decoratively in contemporary or classical interiors. Michael draws inspiration from nature, religious traditions, mythology and narrative stories, among other places.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Kanye in Miami

Kanye is coming to Miami Friday November, 29th at the American Airlines Arena and I need to be at this concert. A musical genius I would call him. Everyone is mad of his deep obsession with himself, but I completely understand. I think I'm something amazing too. Don't we all? Welp, if you don't, you should. But... back to the music! Im obsessed with the song "Blood on the Leaves." Gotta make it out to see my Kanye. Did any of you go?

Monday, November 25, 2013

Dries Van Noten Fall 2013

Dries Van Noten always has its was of inspiring me. This collections with a "The Morning After" direction gave great comfort to that guy that just rolls out of bed throws on whats closest and runs out of the house. The light comfortable fabrics and the classic silhouettes mixed with hard print giving a street feel. Makes us all wish we had a closet filled with Dries. 


Great image I found online of the new adidas sandal trend. I absolutely love it. I like the use of mixing active wear or clothing you would usually wear around the house with a formal and innovative twist. Adidas is known for its athletic wear not usually a base of high fashion (Besides its collaboration lines: Y-3, Jeremy Scott, Stella McCartney, etc.). I call it chic. Simple. Comfortable. Gotta order myself a pair soon. You should to! Well I mean if you think you can pull off the look. Check out the slide here!

Some Insta-Love

Actually thinking of doing an exhibit with my best and favorite portraits. Check out most of it on Instagram: itsDemetrius.