Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Del Piano New York

New obsession, Del Piano!!! A little boutique on 8th Avenue where Italy meets New York. The sneakers here are so perfect it hurts. An amazing use of color and texture. My personal favorite the woven (or Intreccio) leather mid top sneaker, which comes in red, green, navy, or white. These shoes can be worn casual or a bit dressed up with a nicely tailored suit (which Del Piano carries as well.) The boutique Del Piano also sells an impeccable RTW collection by Italian designer Daniele Alessandrini. It may just be that perfect holiday gift you were looking for.

Located at: 69 8th Avenue New York, NY 10014

Metropolitan Museum of Art

A couple weeks ago, the day after hurricane "Sandy" I had to get out and stretch my legs. The Metropolitan was the first place on my mind. Favoriting modern art, but these images are all Medieval. Amazing inspiration, the aged use of detail and textile is extremely fascinating. Wooden carving, bejeweled chandeliers, ivory drinking cups. A time where the flashy did not just own nice cars with shiny rims. The Metropolitan has a great collection shown in a magnificent space. Click Here For More Info on the MET

Below are a couple images I took during my previous visit:

Monday, December 10, 2012

Spring 2013 Womenswear

Sexy, Sexy, Sexy!!!!! This Spring 2013 girls will rule the world "AGH" again. The light fabrics, bold colors, and revealing cuts have left my mouth watering for more. Spring 2013 has a sexy chic take on the active woman without loosing her femininity if not making her more than the woman she already is.
Above Alexander Wang strikes again. Sexy women with power is all I have to say. A compelling push for the future of the World in a bit of a tribal way, a spring when we have flying cars and portable closets.

Below is the STYLE.COM Paris Highlights Spring 2013:

Spring 2013 Menswear

An amazing season I have my eyes on when fall has not begin, Spring Summer 2013 has brought a fascinating line up. Designers have brought amazing color this fall for daring men. Creations of a more active line for what I call the "Everyday man" has been fulfilled.
Above amazing Jumper by Marni (they always seem to satisfy me).

Below I have posted the STYLE.COM Paris Highlights Spring 2013 Menswear reel.

Beloved Shirts - OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!

A new creativity has arisen, "Beloved Shirts." I crossed the Beloved Shirts page browsing Instagram one day. Printed Sweatshirts, T - Shirts, Tank Tops with a range of crazy, fun, cute, and colorful images, HD Images!!!! I do not own a Beloved Sweatshirt yet but its definitely a must have in my closet (I do not think they are available for purchase just yet). Check out these cool shirts Here on Pinterest or Instagram Instagram

Insta - Crazy

No longer a "Facebook Junkie," Instagram has become the new hype. Instantly making billions in America "Self Renounced Photographers," including myself!!!! Not only is the App available on most Android and Apple Devices, but it is equip with eighteen filters, frames, and lighting fixes. Check out a couple of my images below or Instagram: (Sometimes I use my SLR, im a cheat!)