Monday, October 3, 2011

Winter Essentials...

1. A great winter coat or a fur. Not really having a winter in Florida made me realize there are so many great options for winter coats. While most people go for a classic shearling; As well there are parkas, quilted jackets, capes, ponchos, and trenches all made in numerous fabrications that creates more comfort and shields you from the cold.
2. Gloves. Gloves protect your hands from the cold while adding a special touch to your outfit. Gloves can be fun to play with do to the different shapes, colors, and fabrications. Gloves also come in different lengths. Wearing a quarter length sleeve wool jacket with a long leather glove will definitely make you stand out in a crowd.
3. Ear Muff. These ear muffs are my favorite. They're simple and chic matching any outfit you have in mind, and they only cost about five dollars. Ear Muff are very helpful during winter. Also with a wide variety of styles and colors ear muffs can play a huge role in your wardrobe.
4. Boots. WATER PROOF!!!! A water resistant boot is a very important thing during the winter. While most of the sidewalks and streets are covered with wet snow, a boot with traction is key. We'd rather not have wet socks in a boot slipping on the concrete.
5. Scarves. For hundreds of years people have worn scarves for different reason and ways; Hats, wraps, neck ornaments and more. The personalization of scarves are fun interesting pieces that you can shape and style which ever way you want. With a number of fabrications, sizes, colors and patterns a scarf can be one of the most difficult or easy things to pair with an outfit. Worn on your arms, legs, neck, or even your wrist. Keep in mind a scarf can not be worn with everything.


  1. whats good the pics show life in my eyes what you would see in the city

    Also can you let me kno what kind of boots them are and where can i getem im in the chi so i need waterproof boots ya dig

  2. That is a duck toe Gucci boot. They currently have it online this season but a different fabrication. Check it out here